Our Activity

We try our hardest to promote charedi artists- women of the charedi community, while promoting the values of sustainability and art within the community and providing an appropriate platform for each and every artist.

We have set for ourselves the goal of creating a safe, understanding and inviting environment. This will cause for greater impact and influence, unlike anything we have seen until now.

Our activity focuses on providing for this growing necessity in the charedi community, and providing a tangible connection between women, their community, and their artistic creations.

Come take a peek…

"Yotzrim Seviva" is really a league!

The "Yotzrim Seviva" league of artists. Now that is something really special!

The joint needs of artists have become more and more apparent over time. We came to the conclusion that the sooner we would have a professional league in which to expand our incredible artist circle, the more we would be able to give of ourselves.

It started with more and more members joining our organization, continued with cooperation opportunities quickly sprouting and being seized, and persisted on to galleries and a range of exhibitions.

Recently, an exclusive free discount card was distributed to all the organization's members; this bonus was generously provided by "Art Plus".

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Charedi Women's Art Gallery? Is There Such a Thing?

A Continuously Updated Artwork Gallery

Each artist is welcomed to share her artwork in this stunning gallery. Together with the artist, we write a little bit about her and add contact information. This is an important platform, giving a visual peek at the artist's beautiful products.

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A World of Information! Knowledge is Power

Providing Relevant Content

We believe in a professionally developing community! The organization's website presents content in the form of articles, inspiration sources, and more, in areas relevant to the charedi artist and designer.

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Similarly, we aim to broaden the knowledge of those interested in the community at large, and make this knowledge easily accessible. We have published and printed an artist magazine (with the support of "Mifal Hapayis"), and hope to continue to do so. The magazine gives a wonderful platform for artists to present themselves, and offers rich and diverse content.

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We Boost the Cultural Consumer Awareness in the Charedi Populace

We Incorporate Artists in our own section of the "Betoch Hamishpacha" Magazine

The "Betoch Hamishpacha" magazine is well-known in the charedi community. Its art section was initiated by our organization and is still run through "Yotzrim Seviva". The platform in this magazine gives a wonderful opportunity for each artist to display herself, free of charge, and heightens the cultural consumer awareness in the charedi populace.

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The World of Art and Sustainability

The World of Art and Sustainability

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The Power of Initiative

Artist integration in our various projects and initiatives.

"Yotzrim Seviva" integrates artist involvement in workshop initiatives and involves artists in the many projects initiated by the organization.

Our motto is "There is a need, and there are people to fill it." (Or more accurately: women to fill it!) So, why not connect between those with the need and those who can fill it? Why not simply involve one group with the other? The organization works to set new artistic initiatives in motion within the charedi community, and incorporates the artists in these initiatives, thus enabling the charedi artist's promotion and growth.

To Join Together and Take Part

Advertised calls for bids and initiatives are presented to the charedi artist, along with appropriate help and advice

Frequently, the charedi artist is not exposed to information regarding initiatives such as exhibitions, projects and museums which are not suitable to the lifestyle of the charedi artist. We inspect such information, filter it, and report the data relevant to the charedi artist, in an appropriate fashion.

Additionally, job opportunities of all kinds relevant to the charedi artist and designer are updated.

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So, that's the peek into our activity up until now!

Yes, it is exciting even for us, and sprouts things that we didn't even imagine we had within us! We invite you to take part in the activity, as it has no boundary nor conclusion! We invite you to help paint the picture that will continue without end…